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Give you the most beautiful life

Winter in early 2011, November 22, continued sunny south, the average maximum temperature of 20 degrees; in northern China, the cold air to visit, local temperature ten degrees, a vast area also gave birth to a different style of cultural heritage. Forget where seen articles in the sentence: Wenzhou is like a seed, fell where can take root and root all over the country ... .... First 2011 China Jewelry Forum, Star bright, flourishing. From Shijiazhuang, Hebei Luo won the night's best jewelry dealer award, and its founder Wang Chen is a warm business, sixteen or seventeen years ago with the brothers step into this piece of land in Shijiazhuang, began his jewelry business career. Chinese jewelry Network interview with this reporter were very attracted respectable businessman, conversation, Wang Zhen also increasingly distributed a sincere kind of internal conservation.