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A strong sense of professionalism, personal responsibility and good business reputation, identity Beifei philosophy, long-term willingness to cooperate, not one-sided pursuit of immediate profit.

with the normal business of business required for the various documents, including business license, tax registration certificate, legal qualifications.
Third, with store of funds needed for normal operation (in principle, requires more than 50,000) and 50 square meters of business area stores.

Fourth, th
franchise (area, counter) the funds required for normal operation, the brand of not less than 30 square meters area.

V. VI manuals and accessories in accordance with Beifei requirements decoration.

Sixth, recognition and willingness to implement Beifei relevant market management policies, service standards treaty, settlement policy, marketing and promotion programs.

Seven, the image of stores, specialty stores have sufficient manpower to support, including professional training through a unified shopping guide and service staff.

Eight, of obedience to superior control of the dealer's sales, with some network construction and management capabilities, marketing capabilities.

Nine, and actively carry out cooperation within the region Beifei advertising, public relations and promotional activities, and are willing to bear part of the advertising, public relations and promotional costs.

Ten, to ensure complete cooperation in product distribution Beifei jewelry sales quotas and other regions of the target market.

XI for the first time a volume purchase requirement to pay a fixed initial fee (deposit).